About us

 Changxing Shenghua Refractory Co., Ltd. located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, the scenic Taihu Lake, Meishan, Changxing Industrial Park, close Xuanhang, the new long railway, declared Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Nanjing Expressway and 318. State Road 104, traffic is very convenient.

    Our company is a professional research for the production of special parts of the cement industry dry kiln refractories manufacturers. Over the years the company has research and design units and expert support and guidance, has developed dozens of new products to fill a number of the gaps, the two products obtained national patent for cement companies to solve practical difficulties. China Market Research Center has been named the "China Quality Service Credit AAA Grade Enterprise" and "provincial excellent brands.

    Ceramic valves are mainly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, especially in the face of high wear, high corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and harsh conditions, ceramic valves also demonstrated its superior performance ceramic valves to meet the high wear and tear, use of highly corrosive environment, especially the prominent feature is a long service life, ceramic valves, the cost performance is far better than other comparable metal valves.

    Ceramic inner tube baked at high temperature, high temperature stable chemical properties, is an inorganic functional materials, with a strong acid and a variety of complex gas corrosion and heat resistant steel is easy to corrosion and acid-base reaction. and good thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal shock resistance, thermal shock to more than 50 times, thus ensuring the safe use of the inner cylinder in the preheater.

    The overall shape of the shaped brick basically similar to the common brick fold under its one end with a look along it can effectively stop the rain intrusion, thereby greatly reducing due to the leaking of the parapet, chimneys stand side edge of the waterproof layer cracking maintenance workload and cost of such special-shaped brick design is reasonable, novel structure, easy to fabricate, it is appropriate to the widespread adoption of

    The company has a professor level senior engineer, professional and technical personnel. Dozens of acres of total area, the assets of thousands of yuan RMB, there is a high-temperature tunnel kiln, press, mixer, shaking table and other special equipment of the production of refractory and general refractory physical and chemical properties testing equipment, has become a certain size medium-sized refractory enterprises.

    Produced by a variety of new refractories have been dozens of dry kiln cement plant supporting the use of praise by the user, its main products for Nissan 2000 tons of clinker above the new dry kilns The pulverized coal burner, kiln door cover, decomposition furnace, etc. castable, life greatly exceed the commonly used casting material, very understand the economic benefits to the user, the user's praise. The latest development for the new dry process kiln three times the duct high temperature ceramic valve is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights, it has resolved a long been plagued by dry process kiln tertiary air control valve for life is short, not flexible adjustment challenges for the new dry kiln three air damper adjustment to provide reliable equipment. Ourselves City to get rapid promotion, and there are dozens of manufacturers use to achieve satisfactory results. Nano-materials for the new dry process kiln cyclone inner cylinder is a patented product with independent intellectual property rights, also achieved good results in some small and medium-sized enterprises, are gradually extended to medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the company also thought of building materials, metallurgy, petroleum, electric power and other industries to produce high purity alumina ceramic films, plates, pipes and wear-resistant coatings and other wear-resistant materials.

    Changxing Shenghua Refractory Co., Ltd. sincerely expect the majority of users, support and guidance of international experts, and strive to create newer and better products and supporting services for domestic, industrial kilns.